Additional nipples: 3 additional pairs, rudimentary

Quest Line Edit

  • You'll find Yris in the local bar in Gorn. She will make a bet with you for 200 gold that she can make you cum by whatever means she wants in 5 minutes. Accept, but it'll cost ya.
  • Now go and get 1 Deterrent potions and another 200 gold, then come back and give it another go. It'll cost you the potion, but at least you'll keep your money this time (The potion has to be in your mansion inventory - if it is in your backpack the option won't appear.)
  • For the third attempt you'll need to have unlocked Adya as part of the main quest (Gorn arc) 
  • Talk to Adya, then return to Yris with 1000 gold in tow and another deterrent potion. Accept the bet, then then reveal that you know everything
  • Finally offer Yris to work for you and you have a new kitty cat to play with.