Information Edit

Tisha Hale is a recruit-able NPC that can be obtained through a quest from her sister Emily Hale.

She is very protective of her sister although she abandoned her in a orphanage.

It is implied that she prostitutes herself to her boss in the Mages Order.

Her unique trait is Hard Worker, which produces 15% more gold in non-sexual jobs.

Quest Line Edit

  • She first appears when you have had Emily for a week trying to take her back, you can keep Emily by letting them leave with food.
    • If Emily is branded she will offer to take her place giving you a unique sex scene.
  • Her quest starts when you have successfully recruited Emily, she will come to you saying that her sister, Tisha has gone missing.
  • You are sent to her workplace at the Mages Order, where you are told that she has possibly been kidnapped by a smuggler, and you should check the backstreets.
  • You should go to the backstreets in the red lantern district where you will fight some bandits that will reveal that she was kidnapped and put up as a slave in Gorn.
  • Go to Gorn and go into the slave market, ask about Tisha then buy her for 500 gold, then you are asked if you want to brand her. (don't)
  • Once you go home Tisha will ask you what you want, if you click nothing or sex you will get a sex scene with Tisha.
  • Both of them with be very loyal, though Tisha's obedience will sometimes drop.

Trivia Edit

  • Once you have both of them, you can get a unique sex scene by doing group-sex with the two, then they will be annoyed and will ask take a break for a week.
    • If you do this again it will just be a regular group-sex.