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Quest Line[]

  • Tia can be found during Cali's quest to find her village. When you enter Shaliq, an old man will approach you and tell you his granddaughter Tia has gone missing.
  • Raid the bandit camp in the Ancient forest to free Tia. There are three options available to proceed.
    • If you have the spell 'Entrancement', you can seduce Tia to become your servant.
    • Alternatively, you can just kidnap Tia and break her in like a regular slave.
    • Or you can return Tia to her grandfather for a reward. This option will stop you from acquiring her and you will not be able to interact with her again.
  • If kidnap or seduction are chosen, you will lie to Tia's grandfather about finding her. He will be saddened by the news and walk off. (No effect other than dialogue)