Strive4power Wiki

Slaver's Guild[]

Slaves for Sale[]

The majority of slaves sold in each Guild will be the the same race as the city's local population, and species found in the Outskirts will also appear. By default these will be the only races available, but Game Options includes an option to permit all races to appear in any Guild.

Prices scale to a number of factors, including Grade, racial rarity, Obedience, and total stats.

Offer Servants[]

Slaves sell for 75% of their purchase price. Masters with the Slaver specialty can sell slaves not recently registered with the Guild for twice that amount.Slaves purchased from the Guild will be registered, so cannot be sold back for a profit.

Unregistered slaves sold with at least 80 Obedience also awards Upgrade Points.

Custom Requests[]

Filling these requests always awards experience for 10% of the payment, and 4 Upgrade Points per difficulty level.(Need to table these.)


  • Noble seeks young squire: male, teen, Obedience 80+, Strength 2+
  • Widower looking for replacement: female, Obedience 80+, Hair Color specified by job, Type humanoid
  • Rich kid desires a new toy: female, Race specified, Obedience 80+, Breast Size average or higher
  • Traveler looking for reliable companion: Obedience 80+, Courage 40+, Endurance 3+
  • Eccentric experimenter requests rare species: Race specified, Obedience 40+, Wit 40+
  • Wanted: Dogs for breeding purposes: Gender specified, Race Beastkin Wolf, Obedience 80+, Beauty 20+
  • Fresh blood for our troupe: Obedience 80+, Age teen, Wit 40+, Agility 2+
  • Anonymous woman desires real man to satisfy her: Gender male, Obedience 80+, Endurance 2+, Beauty 40-, Penis Size average or higher
  • Brothel owner looking for new resident: Race specified, Obedience 80+, Lewdness 25+, Beauty 40+


  • Unspecified person desires a lively slave: Gender specified, Grade Rich+
  • Undisclosed customer wants pretty, young boy: male, teen, Obedience 80+, Beauty 70+, Hair Length waist
  • Mage guild requests dependable, clever worker: Obedience 80+, Wit 60+, Confidence 50+, Magic Affinity 2+
  • City guard looking for capable recruits: Obedience 80+, Courage 50+, Strength 2+, Endurance 2+
  • Market stall needs a helping hand: Obedience 80+, Confidence 50+, Charm 40+, Beauty 40+
  • Local aristocrat seeks obedient servant: Gender specified, Obedience 80+, Confidence 40-, Beauty 50+, Type humanoid
  • Exquisite collector looking for rare species: Gender specified, Race specified, Age specified, Obedience 80+


  • An exquisite doll: Hair Color specified, Eye Color specified, Age specified, Gender specified, Obedience 80+, Beauty 90+, Courage 20-, Confidence 20-
  • A high grade sex slave: Specialization specified (Housekeeper/Geisha/Nympho), Age specified, female, Obedience 100+, Beauty 80+, Charm 80+, Grade Rich+, Lewdness 65+
  • Skilled Fighter: Specialization specified (Assassin/Bodyguard/Ranger,) Level specified (at least 2), female, Obedience 100+, Grade Commoner+, No Negative Physical Traits