Strive4power Wiki

When exploring a region, there is a chance to find a group of enemies attacking a bystander. If you win the following fight, you'll be able to choose what happens to both the agressors and the victim. Firstly, by hovering over the characters name you'll be able the check their Name, Level, Race, Age, Appearance and Traits. There is also the option to 'MindRead' them if you have the corresponding spell unlocked. Doing so, will spend 3 mana in order to show additional details of the creature. There is also the option to Capture them if you have a rope on your characters inventory (Must be in the personal inventory, not in the mansion's storage).

If you do not capture the victim, you'll instead choose to free them, giving you some reputation towards their hometown and sometimes having them offer you a reward for helping out. The player can choose between 4 different rewards:

• Take no reward (Gives additional reputation)

• Ask for material reward (May give either gold or gear)

• Ask for sex (May be refused and is not interactive)

• Ask to join you (It's a small chance for them to accept)

Asking for them to join you is a way to recruit feral characters (like the Fairies and Dryads of the Far Eerie Woods) without suffering the penalties of forcefully capturing them, although the chances they accept are rather slim.