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Traits Specialization
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Confidence (strict)

Charm (kind)

Executor, Tamer, Housekeeper

Jailer Up prisoners health and obedience. Chance to reduce "rebellious" Wit (heal), Charm (obedience), Confidence (rebellious)

Tamer, Housekeeper

Cleaning maintains the mansion Centaur Agi, End Housekeeper
W-Mage Assistant max. 150 gold Drow, Fairy Magic, Wit, Rep
Cooking lower food consumption up to 70% foods/day Scylla(+10%) Agi(+5%), Wit(+0.25%) Housekeeper
Nurse heals the slaves Drow, Fairy Magic, Wit Housekeeper
Lab. Assistant Needed to use laboratory, lower cost depends on slave potential Wit(cost), Magic(time)
Farm Manager farm slaves will idle without a manager Confidence, Wit increase yield by 0.75% per point

Executor, Housekeeper

- Egg max. 120-180 food or half gold Harpy Has vagina
- Cow max.264-306 food or half gold Taurus breast size, extra tits (if developed)
Library Exp, Learn Points Wit
W-Merchant max. 120-125 gold

for 20-25 supplies

Tanuki Wit, Charm, Grade, Pretty Voice Merchant
Forage max. 67-84 food Dryad(40%) Wit, Str, End, Courage Ranger
F-Lumberer max. 40-80 gold Dragonkin,Orc, and Taurus 4-8 gold per Str + End
Hunt max. 200 food

10-15 supplies

Arachna(30%) Str, Agi (awareness), End, Courage, Ranger


G-Slave Catcher max. 70-120 gold 5-10 gold per Agi, Str

1 gold per 4 Courage

G-Guardian max. 55-85 gold Orc


Str, Courage
U-Research Subject 25*grade+20*level

+random(0-10) gold

<50 health can die

>=65 wit&courage can flee

W-Public Entertainer max. 260 gold Nereid(25%) Agi, Charm, Courage, Beauty

Pretty voice(20%)

F-Prostitution max. 340 gold Any Bunny (redundant with Geisha/Nympho) Charm, End, Beauty, Lewdness, Sex Crazed, Augmented Tongue Geisha
W-Escort max. 390 gold Fox Charm,Confidence,Beauty,Rep, Pretty Voice, Augmented Tongue Geisha
U-Fucktoy 1 gold per point of negative rep anywhere

Negative Rep, Sex-Crazed, Augmented Tongue

W-Exotic Whore max. 510 gold Any Bunny (redundant if Nympho), Taurus

Courage, End, Beauty, Lewdness, Sex-Crazed, Futa, Hollow Nipples, Augmented Tongue


Note: Many of the normal max values (for strength, wit etc) can be exceeded, going above some of the normal max earnings. Abilities Quick, Responsive, Robust and Strong work easily. Devoted and Slutty will only exceed max on a slave that already had 100 (or close to) courage, confidence, wit or charm respectively.

Lab modifications "Enhanced muscles, reflexes", Tattoos "Magic, Nature" and enchanted gear, also affect max possible values.

Max physical improvements (not including race base values):

  • Strength 6. (Strong, Enhanced muscles, enchanted armor & accessory)
  • Agility 8 (Quick, Enhanced reflexes, enchanted Ninja-suit & accessory, Elven sword)
  • Magic 8 (Responsive, Magic tattoo, enchanted Wizard's robe & accessory, Staff of Nature)
  • Endurance 4 (Robust, enchanted armor & accessory)

Max mental improvements (over the normal 100 limit:)

  • Courage 45 (Devoted, enchanted costume)
  • Confidence 45 (Slutty, enchanted costume)
  • Wit 45 (Devoted, enchanted costume)
  • Charm 45 (Slutty, enchanted costume)

Temp beauty (over normal 100 limit, number appears as light blue)

  • Beauty 60 (Nature tattoos, enchanted kimono, beauty mixture)

Tisha's trait "Hard Worker" improves the gold earnt in any non-sexual occupation by 15%. It can also be inherited by her children (The increase will only appear in the global report, but it does work)

(Only partially tested, version: 0.5.16a)