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Q: Can pregnant characters give birth?

Q: How to unlock "Farm Manager" occupation in story mode?

A: Give Sebastian 1,000 gold to build you your farm (unlocks farm), manager should then be unlocked for Commoner or higher grade slaves. If the option is visible but greyed out, the slave's quality is too low. Unknown if there are issues with saves started on older versions. 

Q: Why can the MC proceed to fight in the wild if its energy is at zero?

A: Persistant bug

Q: Why only one trapper per party is active?

A: Code wise, easier to code. Gameplay wise, it'd be overpowered. Storywise, they'd get in each other's way?

Q: Why don't we get XP for escaped bandits on the beach of Gorn? (trapped ones give 20xp each)

A: As of v0.5.2.2, escaped enemies gives 2/3 XP.

Q: Why is the mana gain the same in case of rape and consensual sex? Would it make sense to differentiate between MCs with good and evil alignment? (good -> reduced mana gain for rape; evil -> reduced mana gain for consensual sex)

A: There is no alignment for MC. There is only your reputation in the towns.

Q: Why is the reputation-penalty for a rape the same in case of a Noble and a Poor character?

A: Because that's the way Mav coded it. Arguments can be made for both same (it's 'evil' regardless of who is raped), or escalating (richer people have more influence, and more ability to turn people against you).

Q: Why is it not possible to just release a slave? It has a bad taste to 'sell' Emily, Tisha or Cali.

A: You can! On the Slave Action tab, there is a button called "Release". Clicking this button gets rid of the slave without selling.

Q: What is the point to enhance the scale of a Dragonkin in the laboratory?

A: Enhanced Fur / Scales / Shell add to the slave's armor

Q: What is the correct health of a slave with lvl5 endurance? Sometimes it is 135, sometimes 160 which might or might not fall back to 135.

A: The correct health is 135. There is a bug where sometime a slave, with any level of endurance, will show more health than their endurance permits. Doesn't happen to MC in my experience.