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Quest Line Edit[]

  • She can be acquired when Hade is fought.

*Warning*: At the end of the story, she'll show up holding your favorite slave. If Let Slave Die is chosen, your slave will be killed by her. However, you could subdue her making her your slave.

The slave picked by Melissa is determined by <Days Owned> + <Had Sex> *3 + <Won battles> *2 + <Level> *7.

  • A work around to avoid her killing your actual favorite Slave, is to buy a Slave ASAP (like day one) that you can afford, have sex with them at least once a day (or more if you want to include them into group sex as well or just have a second go at them) and bring them with you to battles. Near end of the game, unfortunately until you have this Slave have way more sex with you than other slaves (to the point its level won't matter) make sure they are your highest level Slave.