Information Edit

Maple is a recruit-able NPC working at the Slaver's Guild.

Before her questline is finished she will be the receptionist there.

Her unique trait is Influential multiplies the money earned from selling slaves by 20%.

 Quest Line Edit

  • During the main quest line where Melissa asks for a Fairy, go to the slavers guild and ask about fairies from Maple.
  • Flirt with her. (As of 5.1.1d MUST have penis. so either futa or male OR if female use the laboratory to grow one.)
  • After a few days, visit the guild again and flirt with her (you need to first increase your reputation with Wimborn for you to actually be able to flirt with her).
  • Go to the mage's order and have an audience with the host of the slavers' guild.
  • Give the man 7000 gold then head to the Slaver's Guild and pick her up.