Strive4power Wiki

Current list of Visit-able locations.

Since Wimborn is the recommended starting point and the most central location this map will assume you have start there.

There are currently 6 places you can portal too when you have the correct teleportation stone:

  • Wimborn
  • Gorn
  • Frostford
  • Amberguard
  • Umbra
  • Dragon Nests

While you are in a city you may press the control button at the bottom right hand side of the screen to teleport back to your mansion at the cost of 25 gold.

Teleportation seals are consumable items that can be purchased from most markets at the cost of 20 gold, they can be used once to teleport 1 character to your mansion. If used on yourself you will abandon any party members who are with you and they will have to find their own way back(about 3 days).



  • Mages Order
  • Slaver Guild
  • Market District
    • Market
    • Carpenter
    • Sebastian (unlocked through story) (Umbra's teleportation stone can be purchased here after a certain point in the story)
  • Red lantern district
    • Brothel
  • Leave Town (takes you to Wimborn Outskirts)

Wimborn Outskirts[]

  • Ancient Forest
    • Shaliq Village
      • Dolin's House
      • Shaliq Market
      • Eerie Grove
        • Marsh
          • Eerie Grove
          • Frostford Outskirts
    • Wimborn Outskirts
    • Deep Elven Grove
      • Amberguard (unlocked through story)
  • Prairies
    • Wimborn Outskirts
    • Gorn Outskirts
    • Sea
      • Prairies
      • (dead end?)



  • Slave Guild
  • Palace (quest)
  • local bar
  • Gorn's Market (Gorn's teleportation stone can be purchased here)
  • Gorn's Alchemist (unlocked through quest)


  • Gorn Outskirts
    • Prairie
      • Windborn Outskirt
      • Gorn Outskirt
      • Sea
        • (dead end?)
  • Mountain Ridge
    • Mountain Cave



  • Slave Guild
  • Frostford's Market (Frostford's teleportation stone can be purchased here)

Frostford Outskirts[]

  • Frostford Outskirts
  • Marsh


Amberguard is unlocked through the story

  • local market (Amberguard's teleportation stone can be purchased here)


  • Deep Elven Grove
  • Amber road
    • Amberguard
    • Lone hut (unlocked through story)
    • Cliff entrance
      • Hidden passage/Underground tunnels (unlocked through story)
        • Cliff entrance
        • Underground Ruins
          • Underground tunnels
          • Underground hall
            • (dead end?)
      • Amber road


Umbra can only be accessed through its teleportation stone

  • Black Market (shop)
    • Trade
    • Exchange (magic items can be gambled for random items, some very powerful)
  • Buy slaves
  • Sell slaves
  • Return to mansion

Dragon Nests[]

Dragon Nests teleportation stone is unlocked through Umbra event after Main Quest is finished.

  • Red Caves
    • Underground Lake
      • Darkness
        • Inaccessible until Cultist Leader in Hideout is defeated
        • Bright Passage
          • Either fight the ??-boss, or sacrifice your party and allow him to live. Every slave sacrificed increases all stats by 1, permanently. Repeatable, but choosing to negotiate locks out the option to fight.
          • Can currently be fought multiple times.
    • Cultists' Hideout
      • Central Hall