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The Laboratory is a mansion upgrade that requires a slave with the Laboratory Assistant Job to work and allows you to modify your slaves and yourself. Modifications cost money, mana and ingredients and may require some conditions to be met.

Assistant Wit reduces money, mana and even material costs by up to 50% and Magic Affinity reduces recovery time down to a minimum of 1 day. Recovery time is currently fairly bugged - most cosmetic enchantments get 2% recovery speed per magic affinity which doesn't amount to anything, while the remaining enchantments get 400% recovery speed per magic affinity so more than 1 point is useless.

Recovery time mechanics have either changed or were stated incorrectly, but the conclusions remain mostly correct. The recovery time for cosmetic enchantments is round( modification.time / (1 + assist.magicAffinity / 20) ). Reduction for first 8 magic affinity points: [ 5%, 9%, 13%, 17%, 20%, 23%, 26%, 29%] While the effect of a single point are generally insignificant, tangible gains are produced by high magic affinity. The recovery time for custom enhancements is round( modification.time / (1 + assist.magicAffinity * 4) ). Reduction for first 3 magic affinity points: [ 80%, 89%, 92%] The first point reduces all times to the minimum of 1.

Possible Effects[]

To keep the Tables short, common items will be abbreviated: Magical Essence=ME, Nature Essence=NE, Bestial Essence=BE, Tainted Essence=TE, Fluid Substance=FS


Custom enchantments. All Enhancements can only be used once on the same target

Effect Conditions Gold Mana Items Recovery
Enhanced Fur +2 Armor Beastkin, not halfkin 250 100 2NE 2ME 6 Days
Elongated Tongue Bonus in some Prostitution Jobs 250 75 3NE 1ME 3 Days
Enhanced Scales +2 Armor Dragonkin, Lamia, Arachna 250 100 2NE 2ME 6 Days
Enhanced Hearing +3 Awareness 150 50 1BE 1ME 4 Days
Enhanced Muscles +2 max Strength 200 75 2BE 2ME 5 Days
Enhanced Reflexes +2 max Agility 200 75 2BE 2NE 5 Days
Improve Appearance if beauty under 60, increase by 30 else by 20 300 50 2ME 2NE 1Beauty Potion 5 Days

Ear Shape[]

Cosmetic enchantment, 3 days recovery, 200 gold, 40 mana, 2 Nature Essences

Options: Human, Pointy, Short Furry, Long Pointy Furry, Long Round Furry, Long Droopy Furry, Feathery, Fins

Horns Shape[]

Cosmetic enchantment, 2 days recovery, 200 gold, 50 mana, 1 Magic Essence 3 Tainted Essences

Options: None, Short, Long Straight, Curved

Tails Shape[]

Disabled for Lamia, Arachna, Centaur and Scylla.

Cosmetic enchantment, 5 days recovery, 300 gold, 65 mana, 3 Bestial Essences

Enables/Disables Tailfucking

Options: None, Demon, Dragon, Scruffy, Bird, Cat, Fox, Wolf, Bunny, Racoon, Fish

Wings Shape[]

Cosmetic enchantment, 7 days recovery, 350 gold, 80 mana, 2 Bestial Essence 4 Magical Essence

Options: None, Insect, Feathered Black, Feathered White, Feathered Brown, Leather Black, Leather Red

Skin Color[]

Disabled for Slime

Cosmetic enchantment, 5 days recovery, 250 gold, 50 mana, 2 Magical Essence

Options: Pale, Fair, Olive, Tan, Brown, Dark, Blue, Pale Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Teal

Eye Color[]

Unique enchantment (hard coded costs), 2 days recovery, 100 gold, 40 mana, 1 Nature Essence

Color can be chosen freely.

Dick Modifications[]

Custom enchantment

Effect Condition Gold Mana Items Recovery
Remove Remove Dick is Futa 150 50 2TE 4 Days
Shape: Normal Cosmetic has Dick 200 40 2ME 3 Days
Shape: Feline 300 60 2BE 4 Days
Shape: Canine 350 60 2BE 4 Days
Shape: Equine 400 60 2BE 6 Days
Grow Get Dick no Dick 250 100 Majorus Connoction 3 Days
Pussy Grow Vagina no Vagina 300 50 2NE 2FS 5 Days

Testicle Modifications[]

Custom enchantment, can grow small balls or remove balls of any size

Grow: 3 days recovery, 250 gold, 75 mana, 1 Majorus Connoction

Remove: 4 days recovery, 150 gold, 50 mana, 2 Tainted Essence

Breasts Modifications[]

Custom enchantment

Effect Condition Gold Mana Items Recovery
Develop Nipples Milking output increased by extra tits Has Extra Tits 500 120 2 Maturing Elixirs 6 Days
Remove Nipples Reverts Developed Nipples Has Developed Nipples 300 60 1 Youthing Elixir 4 Days
Add Nipples +1 Extra Tits Extra Tits < 4 200 40 2NE 2BE 2 Days
Maximize Nipples Extra Tits = 4 500 100 5NE 5BE 5 Days
Remove Nipples -1 Extra Tits Has Extra Tits 200 25 2TE 2 Days
Minimize Nipples Extra Tits = 0 200 50 5TE 5 Days
Hollow Nipples Makes Nipples fuckable, Bonus to Exotic Whore Assignment Tits at least average size, not yet hollow 400 100 2NE 2FS 2NE 7 Days

Trait Removal[]

Unique enchantment (hard coded costs), 100 gold, 50 mana, 1 Elixir of Clarity and 3 days recovery.

Removes Traits with the "physical" tag


  • The recovery time on the Player Character is nonexistant due to the PC not being a NPC and being unable to take 'breaks'.
    • While it has no effect on gameplay, enchantments do not correctly check if target is player. Thus all enchantments sets player to away at 'lab' and only Trait Removal sets away time to 3.