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It is possible to acquired as part of the main quest depending on players choices, Irvan is a Dark Elf Tribal Elf. If you follow the path to recruit him, he will be gender swapped and you will be able to rename him. A very good asset at the current point in the game.

No special traits as of now. (v.1.0a)

Quest Line

During the Quest line of "Dark side of Gorn" You have the option of getting Ivran as your Slave.

After talking to Melissa, you'll go to Gorn and talk to Gorthor at the Palace. Gorthor will have you deal with the Tribal Elf Leader Named Ivran.

  • Go to the Gorn outskirts and search for Ivran's location there's a mildly difficult fight so be prepared.
  • After this wait a day and come back tomorrow.
  • Go back to the palace in Gorn.
  • You'll be given the option to Execute him OR get Gorthor leave Ivran to you.
    • If you execute him. You cannot receive the Slave.
  • Have Gorther Leave Ivran to you. Will continue the path to receiving the Slave.
  • This will also unlock the alchemist shop in Gorn.
  • When you visit the alchemist, Adya, She'll request a slave that has high magic potential (4 or more points in Magic Affinity) for two weeks.
  • With the Special Potion that was made by Adya return to Gorthor and acquire your brand new female Tribal Elf slave.

Note: There is no way for the character to regain their lost memory of being a Male Leader of the Tribal Elves. Even if you were to transform them back to a Male.

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