Strive4power Wiki

Casting Domination on a slave attempts to subdue them, pitting your Magic Affinity against their Wit and Confidence.

Casting it with an Affinity of less than 5 has a 20% chance to damage all their mental stats by a random amount, up to 25 each.

Otherwise, rolls a random number between 100 and 175 and matches it against the target's Wit + Confidence.

  • If the roll is less than their combined score, their loyalty is reduced by 15-25, and obedience by 25-50.
  • If the roll is greater than their combined score, their loyalty is increased by 25-50, obedience by 100, and if they are affected by the Rebellious debuff, its duration is reduced by 3 + Magic Affinity.

Despite what the warning says, failure will not permanently decrease mental statistics.[]