Quest Line

  • While moving through the Amber Road you will randomly encounter a group of armed elves who will insist on fighting you usually 3 Elf Warriors and an Elf Leader
  • Beat them and punish the leader who is called Ayneris
  • explore amber road again and you'll encounter an even larger party consisting of 7 Elf Warriors and an Elf Leader (11 Elf Warriors and an Elf Leader when traveling in the deeper region)
  • Beat them again and Punish Ayneris
  • Wait 3 days, then go to the Market in Amberguard and she will blackmail you into letting her join your household.

Ayneris's Rapier

  • Some time later Ayneris will pop up saying that she has heard that her Rapier has gone missing in Amberguard, and ask you to take her there.
  • Put her in your party and travel to Amberguard.
  • She goes searching. She finds an old man who says he might have seen something, but would need to have his memory jogged, perhaps by seeing a naked lady.
    • Make her Expose herself (graphic of her topless, she suffers Obedience --)
    • Pay 200g (she gains Obedience ++, Loyalty +++ ).
  • Old man says he saw the Rapier in a storm drain. When you check it out Ayneris trips.
    • Try to catch her (both fall in, she gains trait Grateful and suffers Stress ++)
    • Let her fall in the sewer (she suffers Stress +++).
  • Either way you gain Ayneris's Rapier and Ayneris takes the rest of the day off to have a bath (unavailable 1 day).
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