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Ayda can be first encountered in the Gorn during the main quest.

Her unique trait is Experimenter which produces a random potion once in a while.

Quest Line[]

Dark side of Gorn

During the main quest you will fight a person called Ivran. If you choose the options to leave him alive and keep for yourself you will unlock the alchemical shop in Gorn. You'll meet there, Ayda and her bunny boy.

  • To make Ivran your slave you need to let Ayda borrow (you'll get them back, roughly 14 days) a person with 4 points in Magic Affinity or more.

She will give you a potion that brainwash Ivran and make him more feminine.

The Southern Treason

Garthor in Gorn he will tell you that Ayda has been kidnapped by Ivran's old clan.

  • Go to the Alchemist shop to speak to her assistant, who gives you a vial of blood that lets you track Ayda's location.

Head out to the Mountains, then into the Mountain Cave (Once you enter the cave, you cannot End Day until you resolve the quest-line!), and Search for Ayda's location. The elves tell you they kidnapped Ayda to help them find where Ivran was taken. Suddenly a large group of slavers burst in and the elves ask you to defend them or they will kill Ayda.

  • Side with Elves. Slightly harder fight, but the elves hand over Ayda.
  • Side with Slavers. Easier fight, but the elves will kill Ayda before you can save her.

Unlocking Ayda scene[]

  • When Ayda is in your mansion after main story ending, visit her old store in Gorn. Bunny boy will tell you that you'll need ice brandy to win her favor.
    • You'll find it in Frostford.
  • However, it is not enough to melt the ice around her heart so we go back to the alchemist's shop. The bunny will mention a book that Ayda was looking for some time ago.
    • So the next step is to go look around Umbra.
  • Ayda will sink into the experiments even more. Back to the friend rabbit, you will learn from him about her lost favorite "Ayda's Necklace."
    • See around the Gorn outskirts, casual enemies like wolfs & bandits can bear the necklace in their inventory.

Ayda scene unlocked - After that she gets Grateful trait.

Known Bugs:

  • If during the quest instead of going directly to the alchemical shop you go to the market, the quest dialogue will be bypassed.